Activate! B1+

Carolyn Baraclough and Megan Roderick

Exams | Pre FCE
12 to 17 year-olds

An exciting and extensive exam preparation course tailored to meet the needs of your teenage students. Focusing on themes from teen culture brought to life with the inspiring DVD, Activate! offers an enjoyable and highly motivating exam preparation experience.

Activate! will allow your teenage students to

* Reach their full potential through the comprehensive exam syllabus combined with enjoyable topics and tasks
* Learn in a stimulating and motivating environment with the lively and engaging materials and themes from contemporary teen culture, and the inspiring DVD based on reality TV
* Have the opportunity to monitor their own progress with the interactive tests at FCE level
* Get ready for the new FCE format using resources in the Exam Box at FCE level

Activate! will help you to

* Be more confident about preparing your students to succeed in the new FCE by using the material on teaching teenagers, teaching for exams, and
developing the four language skills found in the Teacher’s components
* Make exam preparation enjoyable and varied using the wide range of appealing components and extensive teacher support materials
* Supplement your lessons with the additional materials available on the companion website

Activate! B1+ is an ideal preparation course for teenage students who are planning on doing any B2 level examinations.

* 12 ten-page units with full skills lessons per unit
* “Time to Revise” sections between every 2 units helps consolidate new language
* Motivating DVD clips taken from authentic TV programmes can be used to practise different skills
* Teenage “exam coach” characters support students with the Skillzone and Examzone boxes
* Summarise and Memorise boxes help students to focus on key language
* Speaking, Writing, Grammar and Vocabulary Files at the back of the Students’ Book include extra activities and reference material for each unit.



Activate! B1+